Access to the Interactive Learning Centre (iLC) Facilities

Students using the computer facilities must observe all Faculty and University guidelines and policies.

This facility is provided for your educational enhancement and enjoyment. Please treat this facility with due care and respect. iLC can only be used for course work and for non-course related computing of an educational nature e.g. exploring the internet for materials related to but not strictly required in BACS courses. In the latter case, you must relinquish the computer to a student waiting for a machine on which to do course work. Use of the iLC facilities by students is granted under condition that a student shall not:

  1. use the facilities for any purpose other than those prescribed or explicitly permitted by the Faculty;
  2. cause damage to equipment or laboratory facilities, either wilfully or through negligence;
  3. allow access to his or her account by another student (for example by divulging his or her password);
  4. use another student's account;
  5. attempt to circumvent any form of hardware or software protection, or any prescribed resource limits;
  6. access another user's files without explicit permission;
  7. perform any action, such as the reproduction, installation or use of unlicensed software, which is in breach of the copyright act;
  8. install unauthorised software on any faculty computers;
  9. delete or modify faculty installed software;
  10. encrypt any information held in his or her files;
  11. compromise the physical security of the laboratory e.g. propping open of doors, tampering with video cameras;
  12. bring food or drink into the labs;
  13. grant admission to anyone else to the labs;
  14. perform any deliberate action which disrupts or adversely affects the use of the facilities by other staff or students.

If you wish to listen to any sound, be it audio files, music CD's, games, class applications you must provide your own headphones.

All students are expected to cooperate in using the facilities in a sensible and considerate manner. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action under Statute 13.