The process for printing in the iLC is exactly the same as in the Library, but there are two issues to be aware of:

  • There is one central printer for each of the computer laboratories, located in room 205 in the iLC. If you have printer problems, see the iLC desk.
  • There are no automatic photocopying card dispensing machines available within the iLC. To obtain a card or add extra credit to a card, you should visit a library branch (the closest branches are the Biological and Chemical Sciences Library and the Dorothy Hill Physical Sciences and Engineering Library). Enquiries about photocopying cards lost at the iLC should be directed to the iLC desk.

All printing is done via network printing. The information below will guide you through printing a document at the iLC.

How is printing set up?

All printing is done via network printing. When you send a print command from any laboratory in a the iLC, your workstation will print to the network printer located in the print room outside iLC2.

You will require a photocopy card to print.

How do I obtain a photocopy card, and how much does it cost?

The iLC printers use the unicard system, which is the same as the UQ Library.

You can buy a photocopy card for $2.00 from automatic card dispensing machines (pictured left) located in each branch library.

The photocopy card provides $0.90 worth of copying. Additional credit can be added to photocopy cards at an automatic dispensing machine. Students should print their name and student number on the back of their card so that they can be returned if lost or forgotten.

The cost of printing is 12 cents (including GST) per page.

Please note that change is not available over the counters or from the dispensing machines, but a change machine is located in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library on Level 1. 

I've just pressed Print. What do I do now?

To retrieve your document from the printer:

  1. Note down your workstation's ID number. This is located on your monitor. It will look similar to this: biolcat2_10, biocd8, etc.
  2. Go to the network printer. A librarian will tell you where your printer is located. An example is pictured right.
  3. Place your photocopy card in the reader located next to the printer. Each page costs 12 cents (including GST). You require the full amount of money of the print on your card before you can start the print job. For example, if your print job has 8 pages, then you would require 96 cents on your card to begin with.
  4. Go to the monitor next to the card reader and printer. Click on the Start button at the lower right hand side of the screen to refresh the job queue.
  5. The screen will then display a refreshed list of workstation ID numbers relating to each print job. Go to the top right box - "Select your Workstation" - and use the drop-down arrow to select the workstation that corresponds to the one you wrote down earlier.
  6. In the central window, a list of jobs will appear that have been sent from your workstation. Click on your relevant print job by selecting and highlighting the file with the mouse. Do not select multiple print jobs - only one at a time.
  7. Click "Print" on the lower left, insert your photocopying card, then click "Print" again, and your document will print shortly.

Where do I go for Help?

If you have lost your photocopying card, or you are having printer problems, see the Information Desk of the Library Branch. If you are having problems with your card, you should see Unicard (located on Level 2 of the Duhig Building behind the AskIT Desk).