Welcome to the interactive Learning Centre - a modern computing facility serving the educational and research needs of the students and staff of the Faculty of Science. The centre comprises three integrated digital learning spaces designed to enhance student learning outcomes in a visually stimulating environment.

Students are encouraged to treat the centre as a "home away from home". Outside of scheduled classes the iLC can be a place where students can have fun, catch up with friends, send an email or surf the web.

The iLC is actively engaged in assisting staff develop eductional resources and is also interested in research associated with the communication of science to the university and the wider community. If you have any questions please contact either the Centre Director or Manager.

Click the Rooms below for a campus map

iLC 1

iLC 2

iLC 3

Rm 209
Bldg 69

Rm 204
Bldg 69

Rm 520
Bldg 69

42 Computers 20 Computers 60 Computers
64 Chairs 40 Chairs 72 Chairs

All our computers are 21" Apple iMacs with 2.7 GHz Intel Core I5 processor and 8GB Ram.
They are dual boot with Mac OS X 10.8.5 and Windows 7 operating systems.
A valid UQ username is required to use these machines.


All rooms are equiped with digital projection systems.
Each room has a dedicated lecturers computer hooked to this system.
The system also allows users to bring their own computers to access this system via provided HDMI or DVI cables.


Mr Andrew Noskoff
interactive Learning Centre
(07) 3365 8827 Mobile:0413 270 160